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Tappum makes vlogging fast, easy and now

TappUm is a fast, easy to use vlog app with which you can edit and share perfect movies in no time.
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Start Tapping; press 'Rec'
With the TappUm-app, you can record (Tapp) your life in the easiest way. You Tapp; the app makes it a film. You are the director. Tapp on any occasion of whatever you want to share with the world. Think in moments, and Tapp in sequence. After a couple of good scenes, you Tapped a wrong one? Just erase that singular one, and go on... The recorder itself can be used in two ways: hold the record button (it films while holding) or press shortly (it starts filming) and press a 2nd time to stop. The latter comes in handy when you need to use both hands doing what it is you wanna Tapp (playing guitar, cooking, sports, all that...).
No editing required
Finished Tapping? You've got all the scenes needed to tell your story? Tappum edits for you! Press the green arrow, and all scenes will be put together. When the cassettewheel stops, you can watch your Tapp before publishing; you can even go back and change it, or go on a bit more, if you like. Then; happy? Satisfied? Press 'publish'.
Share your life
To reach most of your friends with your Tapp; you gotta share it. That can be done on twitter, facebook and even on instagram by copying the link (and placing it in the insta-bio). Doing so, you'll reach all your followers on other social media. And yes, you can share other Tappers' films too. Enjoy! Now, go and Tapp; share your life on TappUm. We’re looking forward to see you!
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